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                                                    is a private practice specializing in Flower Essence therapy and energy healing.  Flower essences carry the vibration of the flower and bestow its wisdom and healing.   The gifts of a flower are many and I invite you to take the Flower Essence journey and walk the path to a more balanced, harmonious, and joy-filled life.
A unique line of essences and sprays are an important part 
of what is offered at
Many of us have suffered from various woundings and traumas in our early lives  due to the actions of others and our interpretations of those actions.  

These traumas become housed in our bodies and create imprints of how we interact with the world and ourselves.  

Healing and removing these thought patterns and basic beliefs are integral to a balanced and happy life.  This is where the brilliance of flower essences therapy dances into our lives.  

Flower essence therapy works with the mind, body and spirit to help release tendencies and limiting thought patterns that no longer serve us.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”
                                 - Siddartha Buddha