In 2003, Rhoni Groff began studying Flower Essence Therapy.  By 2004, Rhoni was a certified Flower Essence Practitioner.  In 2006, Rhoni founded Gift of the Flowers featuring a line of unique and powerful essences and sprays. In August 2009, she completed an advanced flower essence practitioner’s program with David Dalton, Kate Gilday, and Don Babineau. Over the last 9 years, She has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States, Greece, Egypt and Canada creating flower, vibrational and sacred place essences.  

Hands-on energy treatments using flower essences has always been part of Rhoni’s protocol.  She uses Partner Energy Treatment (PET) since 2005.  In 2009, she trained with Jane Bell to learn Energetic Architecture (EA).  For more information on these treatments~refer to the consultation page.

As an artist and an art teacher, Rhoni taught art at Friends’ Central, a private Quaker school for over 15 years.  In 1999, she received an MFA degree in Fine Art from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  She now brings her artistic sensibilities into developing and creating her sprays and essences

   Rhoni believes that Flower Essence therapy can help us to remember our truest selves, to take responsibility for our growth and to be more in tune with the underlying beliefs that can keep us recycling negative life experiences.  Over time, flower, gem and vibrational essences create very real and deep changes in one’s emotional body and personality. Awareness and Acceptance help to neutralize events in our past.  We can become witnesses in our present moment and see events are not happening to us, they are just happening.

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A tree, a plant, a flower. the water, the mountains, the forest,

Nature’s gifts bestowed.   Her Vibration strong

Resonating, Reminding and Renewing

Nature accepts and grows, but I have forgotten.  Walking along

She whispers, “I’ll awaken you.”

I feel it~Awareness Raised.

This is the power of Nature.  This is Her Gift

Use it to Remember ~ Renew ~ Heal