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Please consider joining Nancy Saxe, Margaret Jacobs and myself for this amazing workshop....see the information below

Daily Living Through Heart Consciousness

March 17 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm     


Who ARE you in the midst of these changing times??

Take a day for your own Spring renewal – a day in which you begin in your Heart frequencies of Knowing and journey through the vibrational intentions to ground, seed, and nourish your Heart potential into being!  You benefit by having the day to create and integrate the conscious nurturing patterns of self-love, awareness, and focus into your daily living!

With the expanded access to the Light available Universally, we are now able to align our perceptions and expressions in our daily living with our Heart Knowing of Wholeness.

Join us in this interactive one day workshop where we will integrate practical vibrational tools, such as toning, flower essences and essential oils, and various meditative techniques to assist in navigating these changing times.  We will begin in the Heart’s subtle frequencies of coded information and progressively explore practical action steps for living in your heart alignment.

There will be customized “take-homes” (unique to this gathering) that will re-mind you to center more fully in your Heart Consciousness as you live each day.  These “take-homes” will support you in your spirit, mind, and body.

Reserve:  by March 3, 2018

          We are accepting up to the perfect number of 33 participants.

Tuition:  $180.00

   Tuition includes all workshop materials, snacks, tea,   coffee, water

 ($60.00 non-refundable deposit if cancelling after March 3, 2018)

Register:  Nancy Saxe  Phone: 215-345-6477 or e-mail: nancy@never-endingpaths.com

NOTEPlease bring a brown-bag lunch, as lunch conversation is integral to our experience.

      This is a perfume- and cologne-free event.


Rhoni Groff offers workshops on Healing with Flower Essences.

The program is 2-3 hours long, and includes a slide presentation, an experiential component where participants can actually sample essences and sprays, and time for questions.

Some topics covered:

  1. The history of flower essences

  2. How to create a flower essence

  3. How flower essences can help to heal the emotional body,

  4. mind and spirit and the science behind this healing.

  5. What a flower essence session looks  like

  6. Self healing with flower essences

  7. Using flower essences to combat Lyme disease, ADD and ADHD, depression, transitions, traumas and aging.

To organize or host a workshop with Rhoni contact